What I Believe

I believe that ALL 14,000 ACPS students, from preschool through post high, deserve a high quality education. Students deserve this no matter the color of their skin, their neighborhood, the language they speak, how much their family earns. Students deserve this no matter what school they attend, what program they are in, what grade they are in, or what teacher they have.

I believe that succeeding in school and life is more than just learning the basics.  Solid reading and math instruction are important at all grade levels, but high-quality instruction is vital across the curriculum.  We need to stabilize our students' foundational literacy and mathematical skills, but also continue to go beyond it the basics to support creative and critical thinking, experiential learning, problem-solving, and innovation to truly prepare students for their future success.

I believe that we need to support students’ academic growth and their mental health and emotional well-being. The pandemic taught us that you cannot have one without the other. Students deserve continued and expanded academic and mental health supports in every one of our schools. 

I believe that family involvement is essential to students’ success. Parents are their children’s first teacher and they are also their lifelong teacher.  They know better than anyone their children’s strengths, challenges, and needs.  They must have simple and timely ways to communicate with their children's teachers, administrators, and support staff regardless of their home language or the time of day they are available.

I believe that teachers, staff, and administrators are essential to students’ success. We must respect the professional education and expertise they bring to our schools. They need to hear that families and the community believe in them and their teaching. Just as parents know their kids better than anyone, teachers understand the needs of the classroom community better than anyone.

I believe that parents, students, and teachers must work together to support students’ success.  We need to listen to educators and to parents, but also to the students. I believe in giving students agency and voice in their learning and in their school experience. Only by working together can we ensure that our students thrive in learning and in life.